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Pay Per Lead.org.uk offer leads in the UK

pay per lead offer leads in the UK for you. click here to start growing your business TODAY

Pay Per Lead is a new concept in lead generation.  Basically, you pay for a lead as it occurs, and more importantly, when a prospective client is actually looking for your product or service.  Clients looking for leads in the UK were able to find Pay Per Lead.org.uk the most cost effective low-risk approach to eMarketing available today!  What it is not - it is not Pay Per Click (the money down the drain approach to scatter marketing)

Our USP: 'your company is the only one to receive the lead'

Pay Per Lead is a completely unique approach to obtaining new leads, without being a nuisance to potential clients in the UK!  How you might ask? 
We respond to a REAL need - WHEN a prospective client actually WANTS your product or service in the UK!  Timing is everything.
  Pay Per Lead


pay per CALL offer leads in the UK

Pay Per Lead for businessess in the UK  now offering a new lead generation service:-

NEW - Pay Per CALL from Pay Per Lead

Yes that's right, you basically pay per call that chooses to ring you directly ... find out more about Pay Per CALL



For us to offer such a service as Pay Per Lead in the UK area, we must be pretty confident in our ability to generate leads, otherwise nobody would make any money.  By offering leads to businesses in the UK we are effectively 'partnering with your business for success', in which case 'everybody wins'.

Many companies in the UK (in this current climate), need their product or service to be listed on the first page of Google (but to really benefit you need to be in the free natural listing area on the left hand side) on the first page; in order to obtain leads. 

To date businesses have had to pay several hundreds of pounds each month (or employ a full time SEO expert or contractor to keep their website updated with relevant content) in order for Google to re-index your website higher up the natural rankings.

pay per lead offer leads in the UK for you. click here to start growing your business TODAY Pay Per Lead gives your business the ability to have all the benefits of 'up-to-date' professional SEO (without the huge overhead), in a 'Pay-As-You-Get-Leads' type of arrangement (where you are the only recipient of the leads)  i.e. Pay Per Lead is unlike some competetors; that give the same lead they give you, to 6+ other companies!  You are the only recipient.

Increased business generated from these leads from Pay Per Lead more than pay for the service itself - offering an immediate return on investment and avoiding cashflow problems.  Click here to see how we can help you generate more business from leads for your company in the UK with Pay Per Lead TODAY





Pay Per Lead Limousine Car Hire Business

"We have been receiving leads from Pay Per Lead for Airport runs and Aiport Pickups for the past year and now we are able to expand our busines to offering a limousine service to clients for weddings and party outings.  We would highly recommend them to anyone."

Tony - Limousine Hire UK.co.uk

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"I tried 'pay per click' and I got lots of click-throughs, but no real leads.  I think my competitors were generating half of them.  It is early days, but the concept of 'pay per lead' is refreshingly different" Office Partition Company - Maidstone

'Since, our orginal comment (above) we have now been using Pay Per Lead for over a year now and we are amazed at the quality we are getting from over 70% of the leads we receive. Office Partition Company - Maidstone

"I am prepared to pay good money for good leads.  Pay Per Lead is unique and believe it is the way forward for eMarketing" Fire Maintenance - Sittingbourne

'We run a catering business and as a result of Pay Per Lead we have been on local radio are now having to employ staff to cope with the extra business' Mobile Catering Rainham

"I already had a good looking website, but it wasn't generating many leads.  Pay Per Lead looks like an excellent way to market our services without having to scrap my exisiting website" Accountants in Strood

"I don't believe it, you are on to a winner with this approach to marketing" Chiropodist - Windsor

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